Amateur Music Production - Claude Pitre

I am a hobbiest in a number of areas, one of these is in music production. I've got some experience in church sound having run the sound departments of two different churches over the past 35 years - although this only for a couple of years in total. I know how to run a live sound board and have been around music my whole life.

Recently I have tried my hand at mixing and this page will demonstrate some of the mixes that I have done. I run FL Studio Producer Edition 20.7 with the Signature Bundle at the time of this writing and all of the projects below were mixed with this along with a number of plugins (mostly free).

These projects are all based on free multitracks found on the Internet. In particular, these are sourced from live sessions from Telefunken Labs. The following disclaimer is required for these projects.

“All audio files have been engineered and recorded by TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik and are presented for educational and demonstrational purposes only.”

Projects are listed in chronological order of development. My mixes are the audio file shown with the audio player. The YouTube reference video is also shown, this is not my mix.

Kat Wright
I Do
This song includes 21 live recorded tracks, 10 for the drums, 2 bass, 2 electric guitars, 3 horns and a B3 and Whirly combination. The single vocal track is not a great recording and provided some challenges in getting a consistant sound. This was my first in this series of mixes, it turned out alright, but could use some work.
West End Blend
Baby Be Mine (Michael Jackson)
This 21 track live recording features 10 drum tracks, bass DI and amp tracks, a pair of electric guitars, a 2 piece horn section and 2 keyboards. The single vocal is fairly clean and this mix came together well after fixing some track timing issues.
Matt Szlachetka
Crawlin Back to You (Tom Petty)
This song has 20 live recorded tracks, 9 for the drums. It also has a double micced electric guitar, piano, keys, bass and 4 vocal tracks. This was a noisy recording with a lot of bleed that I had to address. The spacious vocal was my choice, I liked the effect with the full band sound beneath it. I'm pleased with this result, it was my first attempt at mastering and it is probably a little loud.
Remember Jones
I Smell Sex and Candy (Marcy Playground)
This 23 track cheeky cover is a significant departure from the original song. This is the first in this series to include percussion and also marks the first time that I've added a triggered kick drum to the mix. I also had a short phrase of vocals that was badly muffled and I had to try to fix. A lot of fun with this one, mastering was better as well.
Chad Hollister Band
This one has 24 tracks and adds a new instrument for me, mandolin. Pretty good quality live recording, had a noisy guitar to fix. This was the first song that I started off with full gain staging. I have a fair amount of level automation in this one and also added a little supplemental kick to fill out the sound.
Sante Fe
This 16 track live recording was a quick mix. Recording quality was excellent and I had nothing really to repair from the first rough mix. Probably the least amount of processing to date. This is the first time I've used a sidechain channel for master FX, I've been using this approach for vocal and drum busses for a little while. The FX channels are wet only and if gives me far better control of the FX overall.
While I am not a professional producer at this time, if you are looking for a "credit only" producer for a project, I may be interested. Contact me at